30th anniversary of the UkrTechProm corporation

In September 2023, the "Ukrotekhprom" Corporation celebrated its 30th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of its Founder. Over the course of 30 years, the "Ukrotekhprom" Corporation has come a long way from a small company to one of the major suppliers of tires for Ukrainian enterprises. The Corporation includes construction and transport companies. The celebrations took place at the "Lavina" Amusement Park in Dnipro. Picturesque landscapes immersed the guests in a festive atmosphere from the very beginning.

The festive event was attended not only by the Corporation's employees but also by business partners and friends from all corners of Ukraine. After the outdoor reception, the Founder and the Jubilarian of the Corporation, Mr. Moiseenko B.V., were given the opportunity to speak. He recalled the 30-year history of the Corporation and outlined new perspectives and plans for the future.

Throughout the evening, congratulations from employees, partners, and friends, as well as valuable gifts, were presented to the Corporation "Ukrotekhprom" and its Founder. Representatives of companies such as Rosava, Premier, Southern Machine-Building Plant, Oshchadbank, builders, professional education institutions, and other partners congratulated the Corporation on behalf of the guests.


A festive concert by students from Vocational School No. 17 in Dnipro created a solemn atmosphere. Throughout the evening, toasts and congratulations were interspersed with the host's jokes, contests, and quizzes. The Ukrainian band "TIK" became a real musical gift for the guests, uniting everyone on the dance floor with their lively compositions. All attendees received a lot of positive emotions and a great mood!

We wish the "Ukrotekhprom" Corporation further prospects for development, conquering new niches in the markets of Ukraine and Europe!


Main office

Sales department

Dnipro, 49064, Ukraine
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Freight company

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+38 067 63-47-018

Foreign trade department

Customs clearance

Dnipro, 49064, Ukraine
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Real estate administration

Building company

Dnipro, 49107, Ukraine
Gagarin Avenue 115
+38 050 340-30-51

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