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One of the significant structural subdivisions of the "Ukrtekhprom" corporation is the automotive company "AvtoMir," which is currently one of the largest companies in the automotive transportation market in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The transportation company "AvtoMir" carries out freight transportation using its own vehicles throughout Ukraine, the CIS, and distant foreign countries.

With extensive experience, the company "AvtoMir" also provides commercial vehicle repairs at its own auto facilities. The company's fleet includes semi-trailers with a length of over 16 meters and a volume of over 106 cubic meters.

Additionally, there are vehicles available for transporting oversized cargo and dump trucks with a load capacity exceeding 15 tons. Road transportation is considered the most optimal mode of transportation in terms of time, safety, and cost. We guarantee the safety of your cargo. And finally, even though it may not be possible to find two major cities connected by a straight line on a map, we will still strive to make the route taken by your cargo as short as possible in terms of both kilometers and hours.

Recently, competition in the field of freight transportation has noticeably intensified, and only professionalism and an individual approach to solving specific tasks guarantee the success of modern transport companies. Therefore, each client is provided with an individual approach and attention. The staff of our company consists of experienced, dedicated professionals who understand the clients' needs.


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